June Newsletter

Welcome to our June Newsletter! I hope you are enjoying the few moments of sunshine we a currently getting. Here is a little update on what is happening at Happy Face Aesthetics this month.

What’s new?

Happy Face Aesthetics is proud to be a LGBTQ+ safe space and TransFriendly. June is Pride month, and as part of the acknowledgement and celebration of our LGBTQ+ friends we will be fund raising for The OutHouse Essex.

The OutHouse is a registered charity who offer social events, counselling, support groups and training. They say:

“We are a registered charity (no. 1006244), providing opportunities for LGBTQ+ people in Essex. Our mission is to develop and promote a sustainable, fair and equal society where all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people can achieve their full potential.

Through our vast programme of services, including counselling, social events and support groups, we are committed to helping all members of our wonderful LGBTQ+ community.”

You can support this important charity by buying our £5 rainbow necklaces, bracelets and key rings. Half of all sales will be donated to the charity. Alternatively, you can pop in a give us donations.

Featured Treatment.

This months featured treatment will be microneedling. look out for a more in-depth write up in our mid-month newsletter. As many of you know, microneedling is my very favourite treatment and one I personally invest in for my skin.

Many of my existing patients have already had marvellous results and report that people say they “look airbrushed” after their courses. 

Some of the reasons I love it is that:

1. it is minimally invasive and has little down time.
2. the treatment has well studied benefits including reducing scarring, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing hyperpigmentation, reducing cellulite, and aiding in hair growth.
3. the treatment is still effective for 3-6 months after if you follow the sun block rules.

Skincare Secret Weapon.

My patients often comment on how nice my skin looks and say that they wish they had skin like me. This obviously gives me an emermously big head, but my general response it “it’s all fake”. And it’s kind of true.

Sure I’ve invested in peels, microneedling, wrinkle treatments and a few dermal fillers, but the quality and glow to my skin comes mostly from my skincare products.

I’m partial to shiny ‘glass skin’, made famous in Korea, because i think that it compements ageing skin beautiful, and the sheen reflected by light hides fine lines and wrinkles. For me it’s all about creating optical illusions.

My favourite product for creating this dewy finish is 

Daily Hydro-Drops® Facial Serum “An innovative hydrator with cutting edge Isoplentix technology, provides Vitamin B3, Abyssinian Oil, and Hibiscus oil in their purest forms and leaves skin looking smoother, more radiant, and feeling hydrated all day.

These drops last for ages and really elevate the finish to your skincare routine. They can be purchased from Happy Face Aesthetics for £75.

A Cheeky Bonus!

June 3rd is my BIRTHDAY!!! and I hear that Connaught Avenue is having a street party to celebrate. Pop into The Mews Therapy Rooms for our open afternoon where Susie will me making necklaces to order, we will have refreshments and professional photographer Victoria Filby will be offering 5 Queen themed portraits for £15 to remember the day. Although I’m not quite sure why Her Majesty needs to be involved.

Anti-ageing tip!

Throw away your facial scrubs!

Scrubs commonly contain jagged or rough micro-particles that are intended to physically slough off dry skin. However, these little particles (apart from often being terrible for the environment) cause traumatic micro-tears that over time makes your skin more vulnerable to environmental damage and thus accelerated skin ageing.

Instead, use gentle chemical exfoliants and water based moisturisers that allow your skin to naturally exfoliate. Or you can book in for any of our exfoliating treatments once per month. Ask in clinic or drop me a message for more details.

I hope you find some of this interesting and useful. Keep a lookout for my mid-month write up on microneedling.

Best wishes to you all,

Helen x

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